Flight Communication Systems

Stringent requirements are a given for avionics applications. Our extensive selection of coatings, buffers and cabling materials allow our specialty fibers to be configured into light weight, small form factor cables that exhibit stability over high temperature, shock and vibration, as well abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals and solvents. OFS offers solutions for both commercial and military aircraft as well as unmanned air and ground vehicles. Our avionics fiber optic cables are constructed using harsh environment materials in tight buffer designs that minimize stresses on the fiber during bend. OFS FlightLinx® and FlightGuide® Cables are offered in 62.5 µm, OM3 or bend optimized single-mode versions. OFS Avioptics® Fiber Optic Cable is built around our standard HCS® 200 µm Optical Fiber, and has for many years been used in radio systems for aircraft. See the details of these designs in the Avionics Brochure.

µlinx® Avionics for Manned and Unmanned Systems

OFS Micro-Links (µlinx) Avionics Fiber Optic Cables have a reduced form factor but offer optimal performance in the avionics environment where high strength, high reliability, light weight and wide temperature performance (-65 to 150 °C) are absolutely necessary.  µlinx fiber optic cables have an outer diameter of only 0.8 mm (0.03”) the approximate thickness of a credit card, and weigh just 0.7 grams/m. The silicone/acrylate coated fiber is braided with aramid yarn for high strength and jacketed with ETFE for abrasion and chemical resistance. A full test report is available.  Please contact OFS for more information.


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