High Power Products for LIDAR and Directed Energy

Extensive OFS capabilities in specialty fiber design and manufacture come together with advanced fiber processing technologies in OFS high performance all-fiber combiners, gain modules and cavities for high power lasers and amplifiers. Our high power products offers PM and non-PM devices based on Yb fiber for 1 µm, and Er -Yb gain fiber for 1.5 µm applications. Pump combiners in 7:1 and 19:1 configurations using Single-mode, Multimode, or PM optical fiber are available.

For customized solutions we offer collaboration with OFS Laboratories (Labs) where an extensive laser and amplifier research program is ongoing, in Fiber Laser Development. The Labs prototyping group can provide rapid development and manufacture of fibers as well as combiners, cavities and turn-key lasers and amplifiers in the 10s of units. OFS has a strong patent portfolio in the area of design and manufacturing processes for fiber, gratings and pump combiners. We possess integration technology that can maximize the performance of fibers and components. We work with partners to offer system integration solutions and custom product needs.


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