Navigation and Sensing

Aircraft, missiles, UAVs, ground vehicles-all use advanced optical fiber navigation technology. OFS meets the specialized requirements of optical fiber gyroscopes with our GyroSil® Rad - Hard PM, a pure silica core polarization maintaining fiber that provides the performance needed in radiation environments. When radiation is not a factor, GyroSil® PM Sensing Fibers provide excellent PM properties in reduced diameters at 1550 nm and 840 nm. A GyroSil® Rad-Hard PM radiation test report is available separately. Please contact OFS for more information.  OFS also offers 80 µm erbium-doped fibers used as a source in FOGs.

OFS manufactures a very wide range of fibers suitable for optical fiber sensors. Not only can we modify the glass dopants and structure to achieve the best optical performance, but our extensive coatings and buffer material options allow those sensors to operate in many harsh environments from the ocean floor to jet engines. Used in combination with Fiber Bragg Gratings, point sensors or sensor arrays can be customized to your requirements. High temperature gratings based sensors can measures temperatures up to 900 °C.



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