Electricity - Transmission and Distribution Networks

Transmission and Distribution Network

The power network is changing. It needs the bandwidth and reliability of fiber. OFS brings unique solutions for fiber in the power network.

OFS’ FOX Solution® for Utility Energy applications features several end-to-end solutions optimized to distribute fiber in traditional Transmission and Distribution networks.

Solutions connecting the transmission and distribution networks include:

  • PowerGuide® AccuTube® ADSS Cable featuring AccuRibbon® Optical Ribbon
  • PowerGuide DT (Dry Tube) Short Span ADSS Cable
  • PowerGuide ADSS Cable PowerGuide TR (Tracking Resistant)
  • ADSS Cable Pole line attachment hardware and accessories

Cable Choices for the Distribution Network

  • All-Dielectric, Self-Supporting (ADSS) cables are the choice for the majority of distribution networks (69 kV and lower, single circuit)
  • ADSS cables can be placed in either the supply zone or communications zone on the pole, are non-metallic, are installed quickly and are rugged enough to provide decades of service on the power line
  • OFS PowerGuide ShortSpan DT Cable, the world’s first gel-free ADSS cable, offers the same high performance and reliability as gel-filled counterparts. Plus, it’s completely dry, even inside the buffer tubes
  • Fortex DT Single-Jacket Loose Tube and AccuRibbon DC Ribbon Cables are sometimes lashed to an existing messenger wire

Hardware Choices for the Network

The following list of line attachment hardware and accessories used to adhere and protect the cable on the ADSS cable poles and power utility towers:

  • Dead end assembly
  • Tangent and suspension supports
  • Downlead clamps
  • Cable storage devices
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Corona coils

Cable Choices for the Transmission Network

  • PowerGuide TR (Tracking Resistant) ADSS Cable for EHV applications (typically ≥ 115 kV)
  • PowerGuide AccuTube ADSS Cable with AccuRibbon Optical Ribbon for extra high fiber count applications (up to 864)
  • Since all transmission lines are different most PowerGuide cables are custom-designed. Custom-designing does not add to the cost of the cable, and provides the best cable for the application

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